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Criminal Justice Associates provides a Full Range of Lie Detection -Truth Verification Services for Corporate, Criminal, Civil, Immigration, and other Specialized Applications. Confidential CVSA®II Exams for all of your Business and Professional requirements. Criminal Justice Associates provides it services in Atlanta GA, Buckhead GA, Marietta GA, Roswell GA, Sandy Springs GA, Savannah GA, Macon GA, Valdosta GA, and other cities in Georgia.

We utilize the CVSA®II (Computer Voice Stress Analyzer) Truth Verification Instrument, developed by NITV Federal Services, the world leader in voice stress truth verification for 22-years. The CVSA®II is the only truth verification instrument with (3) U.S. Patents Over 2,000 plus Law Enforcement Agencies rely on the CVSA®II every day to conduct Pre-employment and Criminal Investigations, and the number of new agencies acquiring this innovative technology is growing at a rapid pace.

Our NITV Certified CVSA Examiners can assist your Company or Profession with high quality Lie Detection-Truth Verification exams for a wide range of applications to include some of the following:

• Clear Your Name Issues
• Corporate, Criminal, & Civil Cases
• Disability & Workmen’s Compensation Fraud
• Employee Theft & Embezzlement
• Fraud – Insurance, Medical, Financial Cases
• General & Custom Business Issues
• Immigration Cases – Asylum, Adjustment of Status
• Marriage Fraud & Violence against Women
• Polygraph Retesting – CVSA II Exams
• Pre-Employment Screening per EPPA Regulations
• Sexual Harassment & Hostile Workplace Claims
• Students, High School and College Issues
• Substance Abuse & Legal & Unlawful Drug Usage

Please take the time to review our site and learn how we can assist your company. Contact our Georgia Office at (404)665-4555. All Service Inquiries are Confidential.
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